Fast & Simple FoodLab Analyser

Fast & Simple FoodLab Analyser

Bring your dairy, food, edible oil, beer & wine testing in-house with the CDR FoodLab Analyser. These analysers are quicker than traditional laboratory testing, require no experience to operate, very cost effective & don't expose the user to hazardous chemicals.

Measuring Minerals in Animal Feeds

Measuring Minerals in Animal Feeds

You can use NIR for more than just quality parameters. NIR technology (near infrared spectroscopy) is widely used as a quality control tool in feed, monitoring things like protein, fat and moisture levels in final products. With the latest SpectraStar XT Feed NIR Analyser the technology now has far more potential benefits for feed manufacturers than simple quality control.

Australian Renderers Association Symposium

Join us at the ARA Symposium. We're looking forward to demonstrating the use of the SpectraStar NIR Analyser for the nutritional analysis of rendered products (meat bone meal and tallow) at this year's Symposium.

Why Use NIR For Quality Control?

Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) is a fast, safe, and reliable technology that rapidly analyses raw ingredients and finished products. NIR allows producers to make quick and informed product adjustments giving tighter control over the manufacturing process. Quicker product and ingredient insights also helps manufacturers optimise the use of materials and ingredients and reduces off-specification product, saving reprocessing or disposal costs. NIR is a secondary technique that is calibrated by analysing a set of known samples. With analysis time at approximately 50 seconds per sample it provides real time results that can be used to directly impact on the manufacturing process. NIR (near infrared spectroscopy) can be used for quantitative analysis (determination of property concentrations); qualitative analysis (identification of raw materials, intermediate and finished products) and process control.

About Aunir® Laboratories

Unity Scientific and the agricultural lab Aunir® owned by the company AB Agri Ltd in the UK have been cooperating to bring the benefits of the Aunir® developed INGOT® calibrations, to the SpectraStar NIR analysers.

Kick Start Your Analysis with INGOT® Calibrations

INGOT® calibrations from Aunir® laboratories provide instant access to a complete nutritional profile for all of your feed and forages. Right now a number of Unity Scientific SpectraStar Analyser packages are supplied with a full suite of INGOT® calibrations. INGOT® calibrations have many advantages, they save you time and money and most importantly they enable you to quick start the implementation of NIR so you can start reaping returns for your NIR investment quickly.