Dairy Product Analysis

On-site near infrared analysers (NIR) and photometric analysers are ideal for: butter analysis, margarine analysis, cheese analysis, milk powder analysis, cream analysis, ice cream mix analysis, mayonnaise analysis, yoghurt analysis and whey analysis. In less than a minute on-site analysers provide simultaneous quality control and nutritional results for dairy products including: moisture, protein, fat, solids, lactose and other quality parameters.

Follow these links to ProAnalytics Pty Ltd for specialised near infrared analysers used for in-line process control: milk inline process control and specialised analysers for  the following dairy products:  yoghurt analyser, cream cheese analyser, processed cheese analyser & cream analyser. ProAnalytics Pty Ltd is part of the Unity Scientific Asia Pacific group of companies.

Where To Use Analyser

Analyser dairy powder with nir

  • Monitoring and controlling of mixers.
  • Monitoring and controlling protein and moisture levels in driers.
  • Verifying production batch values.
  • Verifying and documenting finished food label claims.


Which Dairy Products

Butter Mozzarella
Cheese Processed cheese
Cream cheese Skim milk powder
Fermented dairy Sweetened condensed milk
Full cream milk powder Whey
Dairy based dip Whey protein concentrate
Infant formula 

Parameters You Can Measure

Dairy Parameters Ideal For NIR   Dairy Parameters Ideal For FoodLab
Moisture          e-Fructosyl Lisine
Lactose   L-Lactic Acid
Oil/ fat   Ammonia
Protein   Chloride
Salt   Alkaline phosphatase (ALP)
Sugar   Peroxidase
And many more   Hydrogen peroxide
    Urea milk nitrogen (MUN)
    Peroxide value (PV)
    Free fatty acids (FFA


Choose An Analyser

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