Flour Analysis & Food Analysis

SpectraStar near infrared analysers deliver quality control and process control for flour milling, baking, cereal, snack food, pasta, chocolate, and confectionary industries. In less than a minute our near infrared flour analysers and food analysers provide simultaneous results for moisture, protein, fat, fibre, starch, sugar and other parameters.

Where Can you Use NIR

analyse flour with nir

  • Raw material testing (including whole grain) to optimise production
  • Monitoring and controlling mixers
  • Monitoring the addition of oil spray on product.
  • Monitoring and controlling moisture levels in extruders and driers
  • Verifying production batch values
  • Verifying and documenting finished flour, mixes and food label claims
  • Qualitative analysis for quality control and raw material identification minimising test baking requirements for product verification.

Which Products

Chocolate Scone pre-mix
Cocoa Soft flour
Bakers flour Soft wheat
Biscuit flour Wheat flour
Hard wheat White pre-mix
Noodle flour Wholemeal flour
Muffin mix Durum wheat
Plain flour 2 minute noodles


Parameters You Can Measure

Ash Protein
Water absorption Oil/ fat
Moisture Sugar
Starch damage Total dietary fibre
Fibre And many more


Choose An Analyser

SpectraStar™ NIR Cocoa/ Chocolate Analyser

​SpectraStar™ NIR Flour Analyser Packages

SpectraStar™ NIR Food Analyser Package

SpectraStar™ NIR Snack Food Analyser Package

SpectraStar™ NIR Potato Analyser