Grain Testing

In less than a minute our grain testing equipment uses near infrared spectroscopy to provide simultaneous results for grain moisture, grain protein, neutral detergent fibre, fat, starch, glucosinolates and other parameters.

Ideal NIR Test Points

  • Grain analysis with NIRRaw material receival preventing the intake of off-specification product
  • Raw material testing to optimise production.
  • Monitoring and controlling of additives in the mixers.
  • Monitoring and controlling moisture and oil levels.
  • Verifying production batch values


Which Grains

Barley Groats Rye
Beans Layer Semolina
Cereals Lucerne Sorghum
Copra Lupins Soy bean
Corn Maize Soy meal
Corn gluten Malt Triticale
Cotton seed Millrun Wheat
Cotton seed meal Oats Wheat Durum
Faba means Rice Wheat flour
Field peas Rice hulls Wheat gluten
  Rice pollards  


Parameters You Can Measure

  • Acid detergent fibre (ADF)
  • Ash
  • Chlorphyll
  • Digestable dry matter
  • Digestability
  • Fibre
  • Glucosinolates
  • Grain moistureWSC
  • Grain protein
  • Metabolisable energy (ME)
  • Neutral detergent fibre (NDF)
  • Oil/ fat
  • Starch






Choose An Analyser

SpectraStar™ NIR Soy Processing Analyser

SpectraStar™ Canola Processing Analyser

​SpectraStar™ Corn Processing Analyser

SpectraStar™ Flour Analyser Packages