About Aunir® Laboratories

Unity Scientific and the agricultural lab Aunir® owned by the company AB Agri Ltd in the UK have been cooperating to bring the benefits of the Aunir® developed INGOT® calibrations, to the SpectraStar NIR analysers.

The Aunir® laboratory is a specialist in NIR calibrations with an enormous database that
has been built over many years in co-operation with numerous feed mills across Europe. Aunir’s reference values have been established by using exclusively approved reference methods, and their prediction models have benefited from input from the Belgian agricultural research centre under the direction of Dr. Pierre Dardenne.

INGOT® calibrations are backed by Aunir’s 30 years of experience in the field and comes with a performance guarantee. Calibration experts are on call to specifically tailor the calibrations to our customer’s needs.

Combining the long experience of Unity Scientific in the development of NIR-analysers with the competence of Aunir has resulted in a quick and easy to implement package for NIR-feed analysis. The SpectraStar packages include calibrations

for single feed, feed supplements, feed concentrates and compound feed for different livestock like poultry, ruminants, pork and horses. Feed ingredients covered include cereals, oil seeds and legumes as well as products from the oil, starch, dairy, brewery and milling industries. The supplied INGOT® calibrations are constantly updated with new data reflecting harvest year, variety and location from all over the world.