Kick Start Your Analysis with INGOT® Calibrations

INGOT® calibrations from Aunir® laboratories provide instant access to a complete nutritional profile for all of your feed and forages. Right now a number of Unity Scientific SpectraStar Analyser packages are supplied with a full suite of INGOT® calibrations. INGOT® calibrations have many advantages, they save you time and money and most importantly they enable you to quick start the implementation of NIR so you can start reaping returns for your NIR investment quickly.

  • INGOT® calibrations include a comprehensive list of constituents including dry matter, protein, crude fibre, ash, total sugars, NDF, ADF, ADL and dry matter digestibility. The INGOT® calibrations can also be individually adjusted to your specific mix of raw materials and products. 

  • INGOT® forage calibrations include a full suite of calibrations for dried grass, hay, legume, and grain forages, both ensiled and fresh. 

  • INGOT® finished feed calibrations cover over 70 different ingredients, which account for virtually all ingredients used in a feed mill.