Unity Scientific NIR Analyser manufacturerUnity Scientific is a leading global manufacturer of near-infrared analysers. Unity Scientific has assembled a group of people around the world with unparalleled near infrared (NIR) and Wet Chemistry expertise. Global employees have an average of 20 years of experience working with near infrared analysers and spectrometers, discrete and continuous flow analyzers at companies such as FOSS® and NIRSYSTEMS®, Perstorp Analytical, Bran+Luebbe, Perten, DICKEY-john, Technicon, and Thermo.


Proanalytics Inline process control ProAnalytics Pty Ltd is part of the group of companies that includes Unity Scientific Asia Pacific & Fluidquip Australia Pty Ltd. ProAnalytics specialises in: In-line process control for dairy products, Bench-top NIR analysers for dairy products, Bench-top NIR whole grain analyserBench-top NIR analyser for manufactured meat. Representing ProSpect Analytical Control Solutions and Bruins Instruments in Australia.

Fluidquip Australia UV Disinfection and Laboratory AnalysersFluidquip Australia is part of the group of companies that includes Unity Scientific Asia Pacific and ProAnalytics Pty Ltd. Fluidquip is Australia's UV Disinfection expert with the largest range of UV water disinfection systems ideal for chemical free treatment of water used in food processing and industrial process water.  Fluidquip also supplies laboratory technologies with Block digestion system for sample preparation and Discrete analyser and Segmented flow analyser for nutrient analysis of environmental samples.  Fluidquip Australia distributes and services: Hanovia UV, Berson UV, UltraAquaRealTech UVT, Partech water monitoring, SEAL Analytical

CDR Foodlab food analysersCDR FoodLab® has designed one single device that can become your all-inclusive testing laboratory for edible oils, milk, dairy, egg, beer, wine. With a CDR FoodLab® neither skilled staff nor a dedicated external laboratory is needed to perform important quality control tests. CDR has fine tuned traditional testing methods, making them faster and easier.