Dairy Analyser Packages

To help you get a quick start on implementing near infrared analysis we supply NIR analyser packages that come complete with everything you need- the latest SpectraStarTM NIR analyser, the right accessories, the right calibrations, performance guarantees and included support.  With our complete analyser packages you can gain instant visibility into your products and raw ingredients with only minor localisation using your own product samples required. There is a SpectraStarTM analyser package available for most dairy powders, infant formula and cheeses.

Follow these links to ProAnalytics Pty Ltd for specialised near infrared analysers for in-line process control: milk inline process control, and specialised analysers yoghurt analyser, processed cheese analyser, & cream analyser. ProAnalytics Pty Ltd is part of the Unity Scientific Asia Pacific group of companies.

Dairy Analyser

Analyse Dairy Products with NIRThe Dairy Analyser package is based on the latest SpectraStarTM NIR Analyser with several configurations tailored to specific dairy products. The SpectraStarTM NIR Analyser is robust enough to be placed at-line or used in a laboratory.  At-line placement can include placement near dryers and mixers which allows for rapid real-time measurements and immediate feedback allowing the control of the process. Fast, accurate analysis allows milk processors to optimise processes, minimise re-work, and ensure the quality of finished products. Optimising the process will save the plant time and money and provide very rapid payback.

The NIR Dairy Analyser package brings together the latest SpectraStarTM NIR analyser, the right accessories and the right calibrations with performance guarantees and included support, ensuring a quick start up and long term trouble free operation. This NIR package is ISO 12099 compliant.

  • Dairy Powders Analyser- comes ready to use with Unity calibrations skim milk and whole milk powders along with WPC, MPC 56 and MPC70 powders
  • Dairy Analyser- package adds calibrations for ice cream mix, salted and unsalted butter and cheese.
  • Whey Processing Analyser- comes complete with calibrations for liquid whey along with various protein powders.

Download NIR Dairy Analyser package details