FeedLot Analyser Package


Find out how you can rapidly analyse raw ingredients and finished products for important quality parameters and least cost ration formulation with SpectraStarTM FeedLot near infrared analyser package. Let us help you choose the best analyser for your products and your budget. We offer packages that take out the guesswork and  help you quick start your least cost ration formulation.


FeedLot Analyser Package Details

Feedlot analyserThe Feedlot Analyser package is the ideal near infrared analyser package for quality control of finished feeds and feed ingredients either in the laboratory or at the process line. In under 30 seconds test for Moisture, Protein, Fat, Fibre, Starch, Ash and other parameters. The FeedLot Analyser package comes complete with everything you need to get started.

The NIR FeedLot Analyser package brings together the latest SpectraStarTM NIR analyser, the right accessories and the right calibrations with performance guarantees and included support, ensuring a quick start up and long term trouble free operation. The FeedLot Analyser is powered by the Ingot® calibration package from AunirTM.

This NIR package is ISO 12099 compliant, and is ideal for testing raw materials, guiding ration supplementation and meal formulation as well as monitoring and controlling mixers, optimising liquid fat addition  and verifying production batches.


Ideal For

  • Incoming raw materials, testing during product processing, formulations and finished product
  • Parameters found in the scanning range 1100 nm-2600 nm wavelengths.
  • Unground samples, partially ground samples, ground samples, slurries and liquids
  • Important parameters in raw ingredients or finished products including:
    • Moisture
    • Fat
    • Protein
    • Sugar
    • Fibre
    • Minerals
    • Ash etc

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Why You'll Love It

The SpectraStar XT FeedLot analyser package brings many industry firsts to your Quality Control efforts! With the all new SpectraStar XT, rapid and accurate measurement of raw ingredients and finished product has never been easier. Re-designed software and new features not only make it easier to detect out-of-spec products and get visual insights into data trends, the NIR analyser now features diagnostic tests and verification against certified standards.

  • Low cost of ownership with no consumables or reagents required
  • Simultaneous results for multiple parameters important in quality analysis
  • Product configuration is completed in 3 easy steps with simple graphical dialogues
  • ​Visual insights into data trends
  • All results are archived for complete traceability
  • The SpectraStar XT NIR analyser is housed in a sealed case with no fans, filters or water cooling which makes it ideal for reliable operation in dusty environments. Perfect for at-line process control.
  • With a scan range to 2600 nm this NIR analyser delivers increased accuracy for constituents containing C-H aromatic and C-N-C amide bonds including: lignin, amino acids, proteins and fibres
  • ​Sample analysis is quick and easy with new UscanTM routine analysis software and touch screen operation
  • UscanTM software offers several ways of presenting sample data to operators including a view that allows production line analysts to quickly visualise data trends and accurately control the process.
  • The patent pending TAS technology's performance diagnostics quickly tests the SpectraStar NIR analyser against certified standards to ensure the instrument is operating to factory specification
  • The TAS technology assures ongoing optimal performance and maintains the integrity of calibrations
  • A large range of sample presentation options including: traditional sample cups, plastic bags and petri dishes
  • To make it easier for you to implement NIR we have created analyser packages tailored to specific products. These packages are supplied with everything you need for a plug-n-play installation. Did we mention that the NIR Analyser Packages represent excellent value for money?

Technical Details

  • Scans the range to 1100 nm to 2600 nm (optionally available 680 nm- 2600 nm)
  • Wavelength precision <0.005 nm
  • Wavelength accuracy <0.02 nm
  • Stand alone analyser with Windows based in-built computer
  • Completely revised software, which delivers an intuitive graphical user interface optimised for touch screen  operation.
  • Modular design for easy setup and reliable product configuration
  • Database storage of sample and diagnostic data for reliable data management
  • Traceable sample results
  • Customisable reports
  • Warning and action displays for outlier and product limits
  • Configurable display control charts for 3 constituents enabling immediate process control
  • Environmentally friendly analytical option with minimal energy use and no hazardous chemicals or waste.
  • IP52 sealed case with no fans, filters or water cooling- ideal for dusty environments
  • Optional IP65 protection against very harsh environments
  • Powerful and rugged grating drive motor for precise movement and holographic grating
  • High quality optics with over 99% transmission through 3400nm for artefact free collection of light
  • ISO 12099 compliant for animal feedstuffs, cereals and milled cereal products
  • A large range of sample presentation options including petri- dish, large open cups, plastic bags, liquid and slurry presentation options
  • Easily transfer calibrations from earlier model SpectraStars as well as other manufacturers NIR analysers including FOSS, Bran+Luebbe and others

NIR Analyser Configuration Options:

  • SpectraStar 1400XT -1400-2600 nm wavelength range
  • SpectraStar 2600XT- 1100-2600 nm wavelength range (available in customised packages to suit specific applications)
  • SpectraStar 2600XT-R - Research grade instrument with 680 to 2600 nm wavelength range

Everything Else

One difference between Unity Scientific and other NIR suppliers is our attention to detail and our level of care, support, service before, during and after installation. We deliver solutions that are easy to install, operate and maintain and minimise the resources required. We work hard to deliver the best customer experience.

NIR Installation and Training

NIR InstallationBefore delivery, our factory trained NIR specialist performs diagnostics to verify the instrument performance  and then installs calibrations and sets up products according to your requirements. Products can be setup with specific outlier and constant limits and SPC charts to provide immediate feedback to the operator about each sample. An automatic to a LIMS or other external data system can also be configured. As part of the installation, our NIR specialist trains the operators and managers in all aspects of routine operation, configuration, diagnostics and data management.


Hassle-Free NIR

NIR maintenanceThe SpectraStar XT instruments are designed for easy maintenance and a long life, reducing the risk of downtime and maintenance costs. The lamp has a 10,000 hour life and is easily monitored in the software and easily changed by the user.  The patent pending TAS technology aligns the instrument back to factory specifications for interruption-free operation. With only high quality components, and no fans, lasers, desiccators or cooling systems to fail you can look forward to years of trouble free useage.


NIR Support from Experts

NIR analyser supportUnity Scientific boasts some of the finest technical specialists in the world. Our employees, both here in Australia and globally have an average of 20 years experience implementing NIR technology. With this level of in-house expertise we can meet every requirement you have for application consultation, installation, training, calibration support, database management, software support as well as hardware repair. Our experience ensures that you will get the full value from your NIR investment.