NIR Calibration Software

UCalTM is the NIR calibration software that makes creating calibrations easy. UCalTM contains advanced tools for instrument matching, calibration transfer,  population structuring, sample management and calibration development. UCalTM enables users to transfer existing NIR databases from any vendor to the SpectraStarTM and then add new samples.

Features You'll Love

UCal NIR Calibration SoftwareUCalTM is a complete advanced chemometric package:

  • Can be used on multiple NIR vendor platforms
  • Optimised PLS for calibration accuracy
  • Easy file management- single calibration equation file for all constituents
  • Easy calibration development with powerful calibration tools
  • Internet automated assistance and support
  • Checkcell certification for instrument accuracy
  • Standardisation to match a network of instruments to a master instrument
  • Supports multi-instrument networking
  • Single screen calibration interface
  • Converts near infrared spectra from multiple NIR vendors into the UCalTM format
  • Transfer existing databases to the SpectraStarTM and then add new samples to the database
  • Compact file structure using a single equation file for all constituents.

Download UCal NIR Calibration Software details

UCalTM Screenshot Showing 3D Graph of Products Calibration Set

Supported File Types

Data can be imported to and exported from UCalTM using Unity .svf format, j-camp (.dx, .jdx), Grams (.spc), NIRSystems (.nir and .cal), and other formats.