Maintenance & Repairs

Preventative On-site Maintenance

Our Service Agreements ensure a consistent level of care for your instrument with regular scheduled preventative maintenance visits on-site. Regular maintenance not only preserves the long-term value of your instrument and ensures optimum results it is also the best insurance possible for your business.


  • A scheduled annual on-site preventative maintenance visit
  • Monitoring of your instrument for early alert to potential issues, and planning the timely replacement of wearing parts to remove the risk of instrument downtime
  • Allowance for one emergency breakdown per annum, free of travel and labour charges representing significant savings.
  • 10% off list price of parts
  • 1 x Replacement Source Lamp
  • On-line and remote diagnostics
  • Faster, priority support 
  • CPU insurance
  • Supported by factory trained engineers, and dedicated, experienced NIR experts
  • Customisable options available e.g. multiple visits per year, discounts for multiple instruments at the same site.

Hardware Repairs

We offer:

  • On-site Breakdown services  (Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific Islands);
  • Speedy and cost effective return-to-base repair option. Contact us for details on sending your instrument to one of our Service Facilities.


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